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About Us

On a quest to modernize the building industry

Adam is a rapidly growing Czech startup with a clear mission: to revolutionize the way homeowners access affordable and hassle-free construction-related services. We kicked things off with interior painting, and in just the past two years, we've skyrocketed our way into over 10 countries!

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Our Story

Our story started with Roman Sysel and Jakub Dvořák, former masterminds behind Bolt's success as the go-to car-sharing app across Eastern and Central Europe, were inspired by a different vision in 2020. They saw an opportunity to modernize traditional craftsmanship, starting with the age-old practice of painting.

Their brainchild, "Adam," aimed to make painting services more practical, accessible, and affordable. This dynamic platform not only connected customers with skilled painters but also introduced an innovative pricing calculator, simplifying the often-confusing world of home improvement costs. Whether it was a single room or an entire apartment, customers could easily estimate the project's price. Adam streamlined the entire process, offering next-day services and relieving painters of administrative burdens.

However, their vision extends far beyond just painting. Roman and Jakub envision Adam evolving into a hub for various artisan services, making it possible for people to build an entire house through the platform.

Beginning in the Czech Republic, Adam quickly expanded its reach into other European countries. Their entrepreneurial spirit and shared vision had transformed the way people approached home improvement, making Adam a global phenomenon. This platform started with a vision and two bold entrepreneurs, forever changing the world of traditional craftsmanship.

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